Gary is Gas Safe Registered, an approved installer for Viessmann, ATAG and Vaillant boilers and has been working with gas since 1988.

He specialises in outdoor gas installations such as gas FirePits (FireTables / FireBowls) for both Natural Gas & LPG.


  • Apprenticeship in Medical & Industrial gas piped systems for hospitals, operating theatres, vets and Industrial gases
  • Hydraulic & pneumatic systems at various sites
  • Installed aeration tanks for final effluent water treatment
  • Qualified gas engineer – sole trader own since 1997
  • NVQ Lvl 3 Diploma in Gas Utilisation and Maintenance: Cookers, Tumble Dryers and Leisure EUSGU 005 600/0922/6
  • Qualified for Nat Gas, LPG, Leisure, Boilers, Hobs, Cookers, Range cookers, Fires, Meters

    I’m not in this profession because I love to burn gas.
    Quite the opposite, I want to control gas usage.
    If we must burn fossil fuels (at least for now) then I want to burn it as efficiently as possible. Reduce gas usage, produce less harmful emissions.

    My aim is to:-

  • Replace inefficient gas boilers with modern condensing A rated boilers
  • Where possible to utilise Weather Compensation
  • Use PDHW (Priority Direct Hot Water) for system boilers
  • Use intelligent Smart Controls, such as NEST
  • Install boilers that are 20% Hydrogen ready
  • Prepare systems for low-temp heating
  • Quality installations and materials
    Honest pricing & services