Gas Safe Engineer West London



Gas Safe Engineer based in Chiswick, West London.

Approved Viessmann, ATAG and Vaillant boilers installer.
Working with Natural Gas and LPG.

London’s premiere specialist installer of Gas Fire Tables, Fire Pits and Fire Bowls.


Gas Appliances

If you’re looking for a new efficient boiler or your existing boiler needs a service or repair, get in touch.


I install, service and repair LPG boilers, hobs, cookers, range cookers, hot water heaters, fires, (BBQ) and fire-tables.

Gas Safety Record

All landlords are legally required to provide their tenants with a Landlord Gas Safety Record, annually.


Highly skilled

Gas Safe Registered and approved #ATAG, #Viessmann and #Vaillant installer.
Only Gas Safe Registered engineers are allowed to work with gas appliances.

Specialist in outdoor gas heating & cooking

I install, repair and service a range of outdoor gas appliances such as gas fire tables, fire pits and gas barbecues – natural gas & LPG.

Honest pricing & services

Up front and transparent prices, free estimates.


Connect Socially

  • Landlord Gas Safety Certificate
    Landlord Gas Safety Certificate £90

    Single appliance + £20 per additional appliance (excludes decorative flame effect fires).

  • Boiler service
    Boiler service £180

    From £180 for full strip down service, plus any materials needed - such as burner door gasket seal, ignition/ionisation electrodes.
    The age of boiler, any problems that have recently occurred, the time since the last service will reflect cost.

  • LPG and Leisure
    LPG and Leisure £100ph

    Installation of Leisure appliances (outdoor gas) such as Gas BBQ's, Gas Fire Tables, Fire Pits, Fire Bowls are fixed rate of £100ph.
    Day rates apply for longer installs.

  • Power Flush
    Power Flush from £490

    Proflush by Norstrom power flushing machine with powerful magnets and integral pump.
    Designed to work with cold water & when the existing boiler is unable to pump.
    For smaller systems I use the Thoroughflush mains water flush.

  • VDI 2035
    VDI 2035 from £50

    Safe and simple demineralisation of filling water for sealed heating systems on ion-exchange basis, uses the continuous-flow method with mixed bed resin in accordance with VDI 2035. With its proven mix ratio, high quality resin supports the self-alkalinization process immediately after the filling and thus ensures a long-term corrosion protection through a low-mineral operation of the system without additional use of inhibitors. Ideal time to fill the system with demineralised water is after a power flush. Price will depend on how many radiators/ properties water system volume.